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Alumni on lawn


Reunions Weekend at Oakhurst? What you will find here…

UVA “Reunions” weekend celebrates the 5th–60th anniversaries of the undergraduate classes of the University.  But it is some gradates from 20 years ago (Class of 1996) that took most of the rooms at Oakhurst this weekend. Thanks to certain Wahoo soccer team alumna for organizing the group.

What will they find here? A gourmet cafe/espresso bar in place of the old medical students’ hovel, with a pretty stone patio where the beer pong table used to be. Just the right shade of light green paint over the dusty stucco on our two largest buildings. And a contemporary apartment building where the dumpster once sat on the corner of JPA.

Most of all we think they will love the people who run the inn. They give great service and dispense perfect advice. Stop by for tour and you will want to stay here next year.