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Locally-Owned Hotels on Ballot for Best

We’re lucky to be next to some long-time favorites


Accolades are fun, and we have always enjoyed reading our guests’ compliments on and other review sites. Right now Tripadvisor has us ranked #2 in Charlottesville based on their users’ feedback, which is perfect since it gives us something to strive for.

Last summer we weren’t even mentioned in the annual “Best of C-Ville” awards given out by the local weekly paper based on their readers’ votes, so we are thrilled this year to be one of five nominees. All five hotels in the running are independent and locally-owned: Boar’s Head Inn, Clifton Inn, South Street Inn, Keswick Hall and Oakhurst Inn.

That really says something about hotels (the good ones are unique and reflect their specific locales), and also about Charlottesville (it’s a locavore towns that eats up all things local). This is a great place for our business.

Voting in the “Best 0f C-Ville” ends June 30.